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The Beginning

Posted 9/19/2017

Before entering University, I went through a couple of programs in College. 

I started College in the Commerce program at Vanier College, did not like it, then switched programs and completed College with a Law and Society diploma. It was an interesting program, however, for various reasons I decided to try other things. 

I took a year off, then went back to College in the Diagnostic Imaging program at Dawson College - only did one semester.

At this point, I was extremely confused and unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. That was when I decided to look at University programs. 

I came across the TESL program at Concordia University and started sending e-mails out to professors and academic advisers to gather as much information on the program as possible. Everyone was EXTREMELY helpful. I exchanged emails with current and past students who are currently working as educators in either Canada or abroad. It was mesmerizing how helpful and supportive everyone was. I wanted to got into the TESL program to teach English and I wanted a major in mathematics so that I could teach mathematics as well. It is more complicated than it seems, but I am determined and will make it happen.

By the time I decided to apply for the program, I missed the deadline >.< I did not want to do another year not in school, so I decided to apply as an independent student, build a nice GPA, and apply the following year - it looks better having a productive year compared to an unproductive year.

So that was what I did, and it was probably the best decision I could have made.

I took three courses each semester, so made a total of six courses, and it went surprisingly well and made the year pass fast. In addition, the six courses were credited into the program leaving me with less courses to take throughout the program, and leaving me with the possibly of finishing the program earlier than expected. It was a win-win situation.

It was my first time in university and I did amazing in all my courses :) took a theology course due to my curiosity - let me tell you, my knowledge in religion is very minimal. I created a professional relationship with my professor, he even wrote me a reference letter for the TESL program. I was very impressed by the intro to theology course, it was very informative and interesting.

I also took an online course, which was not that bad, however, in order to succeed throughout an online course, one needs to have good TIME MANAGEMENT. My time management has gotten better throughout the duration of the course, but it was definitely a challenge - one has to dedicate time in watching lectures and completing assignments on one's own time before deadlines. 

Anyways, so March came and I applied for the TESL program, and got a called to come in for an interview.

I was soooo excited ! Yet sooo nervous!

I would practice answering questions I thought they would ask, tried coming up with positive things to say about myself - FYI hate talking about myself, so the practice was necessary.

The interview was not individual, I had the interview with two other potentials, and they both got into the program :)! 

I think the interview is a way to meet the accepted applicants - for instance, if you get an interview you most likely got into the program unless you really gave a bad impression in the interview.


So after that, my journey in the TESL program began!