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The Beginning

Posted 9/19/2017

Before entering University, I went through a couple of programs in College. 

I started College in the Commerce program at Vanier College, did not like it, then switched programs and completed College with a Law and Society diploma. It was an interesting program, however, for various reasons I decided to try other things. 

I took a year off, then went back to College in the Diagnostic Imaging program at Dawson College - only did one semester.

At this point, I was extremely confused and unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. That was when I decided to look at University programs. 

I came across the TESL program at Concordia University and started sending e-mails out to professors and academic advisers to gather as much information on the program as possible. Everyone was EXTREMELY helpful. I exchanged emails with current and past students who are currently working as educators in either Canada or abroad. It was mesmerizing how helpful and supportive everyone was. I wanted to got into the TESL program to teach English and I wanted a major in mathematics so that I could teach mathematics as well. It is more complicated than it seems, but I am determined and will make it happen.

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Welcome !

Posted 9/16/2017

Hello ! 

Welcome to my very first blog post !

I created this website to share my personal experiences, thoughts, and opinions on my journey into becoming an ESL student at Concordia University. Every other day, I will try sharing as much input which I may be seen a useful advice if you wish to join the TESL program at Concordia University.

If you have any questions on anything I post, or would like to know more about anything else, feel free to leave a comment, or contact me personally on the "contact me"  tab.

Exemplary teachers are more than just teacher trained Professionals, they are also highly trained Professional Learners !"

- Robert John Meehan

This is me.

I am student at Concordia University, commencing my second year in the TESL program.

I have been through a numerous amount of career programs before entering the TESL program. As much as I have spent a lot of time working on my academic career, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, this entire experience has allowed me to grow as an individual, and provided different kinds of life experiences that may come to use as a guide throughout my life as an ESL teacher.

I had the idea to create a blog to share my journey before and while being in the TESL program, because throughout the process I searched for a lot of advice and guidance and had a very hard time finding it. I am hoping that this website will help an individual in need for answers.

Moreover, I did find the help I needed, and if it was not for the help and support from all those patient graduates and professors who took the time to answer my numerous emails, I probably would not be where I am today. So thank you !

If you have any questions about ANYTHING, to not hesitate to email me.

Upcoming Events in the TESL world 

This years' SPEAQ convention will take place at the Sheraton hotel in Laval, Qc. near Carrefour Laval.